AGM Voting for Professional Associations

Voting is one of the main events at any professional association’s annual general meeting. AGM voting gives your members the chance to vote on resolutions, changes to the bylaws and to elect new board members, treasurer or recording secretary. While many associations conduct their elections off or online following the election process established in their bylaws, many also hold votes at their AGMs. Below you can learn how our live voting system works and how it can help your professional association.

How our AGM Voting System Works

Our live voting system has been designed up to simplify the management process for you and to provide a great voting experience for your voters. To vote, your electorate will need a smartphone, tablet or laptop as well as their login credentials. Once logged in, they simply wait for you to present the ballots. 

  • Create the ballots (preferably ahead of time)
  • Present the ballots on voters’ screens
    • Give your voters time to debate if necessary
  • Open the election
  • Close the election
  • Release the results on voters’ screens

You are in complete charge of your election process. If you need to create a ballot on the fly, that is absolutely no problem. Voters will only see the ballots and the results that you allow them to see. Voting is fast and secure and adds an element of fun to any AGM! 

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No More Recounts and Contested Votes!

Organizing a paper or acclamation election for your AGM can be extremely frustrating. Everything from handing out ballot papers to the determining of who has won via acclamation can be a challenge. We have designed our live voting system to minimise the challenges around voting at an AGM – on both ends! 

Using our online voting software, you can see how many people have cast their votes in a fully auditable process. This ensures that even if the election is decided by a handful of voters, there is never any need for lengthy recounts or contested elections. 

Combined Election Procedures

Not all members can make it to the AGM, but many will want to vote. The POLYAS Live Voting can be conducted onsite or remote through a mobile device. So you can allow members to participate in the AGM from home. 

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