Director Elections in Professional Associations

The Board of directors is responsible for the running of the Professional association as a whole as well as deciding long-term strategies that will benefit the association in the future. Depending on the size and structure of the professional association, there are different types of directors – with differing roles.

The Role of Directors

Directly Elected Directors:

  • Directors are directly elected by the membership at large and serve the professional community in which they operate. This is the typical structure and election procedure for smaller professional associations. However, with the ability to increase turnout and a simplify complex election procedures, Online elections are enabling direct democracy for associations of all sizes. 

Regional directors

  • For professional associations that span regions or represent a profession on a national level, it is vital that regions are represented on a national level. These directors are elected by their local members and go to represent their locality on a national level.

National directors elected by the representatives

  • Some professional associations require their members to elect a representative who will attend the AGM and vote for directors and bylaw changes on the behalf of the local members they represent. 

Directors and Committee Leadership

The President leads the board of directors of a professional association. While the president presides over the board, directors provide crucial oversight on all projects. Directors themselves are responsible for the management of the association as a whole. They are usually given a committee or two to chair. They then ensure that that particular aspect of the professional association is functioning smoothly. 

By dividing a professional association up into smaller parts, the board is able to gain an oversight of the association as a whole. 

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Elect Directors Online

We have created a full suite of tools to simplify the management process for professional associations. 

Nomination Stage:

  • Our nomination platform is designed to allow prospective candidates to collect signatures easily and simply online. It also allows your members to nominate other people to stand for election. This tool provides you with oversight of all of your prospective candidates, the amount of support and their qualifications.

Registration Stage:

  • Our Registration platform helps your voters update their contact details and helps you manage your electoral roll with ease. Once the registration phase is over, simply download the electoral roll and it is ready for our online election system. It can also be used to gather physical addresses of your voters, give them the option to pass their voting rights to other voters and to express a preference as to how they would like to cast their ballot. 

Online Elections:

  • Create Ballots Online
  • Upload your professional association’s electoral roll
  • Set an election period and start the election
    • Voting credentials are sent our via E-mail by default. You can, however, export your election and send out voting credentials via mail. 
  • Download your results with the click of a button.