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Church council elections online

  • Convenient voting worldwide for your members will increase your turnout
  • Perform church council elections online and receive legally valid election results at your fingertips
  • Combine online election procedures with absentee ballots and ballot box voting

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The appropriate election process for each voter

Do you want to enable your voters comfortable voting, but cannot offer a pure online election for organisational reasons?
A combination of absentee ballot, ballot box voting and online voting is suitable, if your electorate is so diverse in age, profession or interests and your members are scattered across the country. With such a combination you enable your voters to cast a vote in the way they find most convenient. This increases your voter turnout.

Read the experience of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck with their online church council election

You and your voters determine the election procedure. We support you in all stages of your election preparation.

Ideally, you have different ways of voting and let your members individually decide how they want to participate in your church council election.

We support you in implementing your ballot box election and take on the realization of the process of postal voting for you. For casting the vote online, we provide you with a secure online voting system which supplies you with a legally valid election result at the click of a mouse.

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Convenient voting increases your turnout

As a church community you have many members, who live scattered across the world and who have distinguishing life circumstances. With online elections, you allow all voters a location-independent participation in your church council election and strengthen the democratic base of your council work.

Voting with POLYAS online elections service is simple and convenient. The online ballot is completed after prior authentication. Your members simply need to have an email account and an Internet-enabled device. Hence all members can easily participate in the election when they are prevented to visit the polling station during the election period.

Our advice for increasing voter turnout

Inform your church members about the upcoming church council election and the candidates online. Remind them of the election during the election period and motivate your voters to use their right to vote. Through personal communication you strengthen the team spirit in your church and activate your members to participate.

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Easy election management with POLYAS online voting

Simplify the election management and receive legally valid election results at your fingertips

Your church administration is not required to possess any special hardware or system requirements for the implementation of an online election. You decide how you provide the data for the electoral roll, how you want to deliver the voter information, and how the election results should be processed. Ideally, you do these processes directly in the POLYAS online voting system, effectively saving time and effort.

Create your ballots easily online and assign each group of voters the appropriate ballot. For more options you can use your templates again and update those.

We work with you to implement additional features: You can for example host the electoral roll on your own servers or integrate the electoral system into your own website.

Inform yourself of  the various options for your online church council election