Employee Engagement Surveys Process

Checklist for Company Employee Engagement Surveys

Companies regularly carry out employee engagement surveys to track employee satisfaction. The crux of a feedback survey is to make positive changes within a company relating to the relationship with their employees. The scope and scale of Employee engagement surveys are often varied. However, they must be carefully planned and organized to ensure that they are not a waste of time, money and effort for all involved. Don't forget, a poorly executed employee engagement survey can make your employees feel undervalued. 

Here we’ve created a helpful checklist for you containing all the important steps in carrying out an employee engagement survey. It is available in PDF format for your convenience. 

You can download our employee engagement survey checklist here

Employee Engagement Survey Checklist

In our checklist you’ll find helpful tips for the following stages when implementing your employee engagement survey:

  • Define the goals of your survey - what do you want to learn?
  • Determine the appropriate departments to be included in the survey
  • Set out the process for conducting the engagement survey
  • Calculate both financial and time outlays to be spent on the survey
  • Create a timetable for carrying out the survey which includes important milestones
  • Make a directory of all employees who will be given the chance to participate in the survey
  • Develop the body of questions to be asked in the engagement survey
  • Invite your employees to participate in the engagement survey
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Download our free and helpful checklist for employee engagement surveys

Always keep on top of your management timescales and ensure that your employee engagement survey is on track by downloading our free helpful checklist.

Free download - checklist for company employee engagement surveys

Checklist for employee engagement surveys (PDF)


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Advantages of online employee engagement surveys

Reduce costs involved in planning and organizing your employee engagement survey. Easily create your questionnaire online and upload your directory of survey participants. Modern encryption techniques preserve the anonymity of your employees as well as their personal data.

Easily access survey results online

Save money and time processing survey results by obtaining them at the click of a mouse. Our services - such as integrating the survey into your in-house Intranet - enable your employees to easily access the survey online.

Our experts are ready to help you plan and conduct your online employee engagement survey!