10 Helpful Tips for Company Employee Engagement Surveys

Corporate employee engagement surveys can be carried out for a number of reasons. The one essential element of every successful survey is good planning. Use our 10 helpful tips to organize and implement your employee engagement survey with ease.

10 Helpful Tips for Employee Engagement Surveys

1. Define the objectives of your survey

Set out clear goals you wish to pursue in carrying out your employee engagement survey. From these goals, you will derive the best way to plan and conduct your survey.

2. Determine which departments to survey

The goals of your survey will also help you identify which specific business departments you need to survey – if not all of them.

3. Integrate employee representatives into organizing the survey

Employee representatives can help shape the survey questions so that they cover key employee concerns.

4. Distribute tasks and create a timetable

Bring together a project team to carry out the survey. You need to assign tasks and deadlines to each team member.

5. Save time and money – conduct employee engagement surveys online

Online surveys offer a convenient and secure survey experience. Create questionnaires easily online and receive legally-valid and secure results quickly.

6. Creating the survey: respect neutrality

The wording of questions and possible answers should not influence respondents.

7. Protect the anonymity of employees

Employee data should be protected at all times. Questionnaire responses must not be able to be linked back to individual employees.

8. Share the goals of the survey with your employees

Let your employees know why you are conducting the survey so they are ready to give constructive feedback.

9. Make a checklist for implementing the survey

Provide a checklist so that no step is forgotten in organizing and implementing your employee engagement survey.

10. Share the survey results

Let all participants know the results of the survey and what changes will take place to address the concerns raised.

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Create surveys quickly and easily online and obtain survey results at the click of a button. Invitations and log-in details can be distributed to your employees via email so that they can easily access the survey.

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