Die goldenen Regeln der Mitarbeiterbefragung im Unternehmen

Rules for Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys aren’t regulated by lawmakers, but there are some golden rules that should be followed in order to get the most meaningful results out of your survey.

4 rules for your employee engagement survey

Following these rules will put you on the path to a successful employee engagement survey:

1. Carefully formulate survey questions

Employees shouldn’t be influenced by the way questions are formulated in the survey. Loaded questions will lead to your employees losing confidence in the survey.

2. Consult employee representatives

Including employee voices from different departments in formulating survey questions can lead to the right questions being asked and thus more meaningful survey results.

3. Preserve the anonymity of participants

Often employees can be discouraged from answering questions honestly if they have to do it face-to-face with their supervisors. Therefore make sure that your employees can answer questions anonymously.

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4. Protect participants’ data

Employee data should be protected from loss and authorized access. The best way of doing this is through secure online employee engagement surveys.

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After the survey - introducing changes

Employee engagement surveys are used as the basis for building employee trust and making positive changes to the workplace environment. When your employees see that their opinions are valued and have resulted in real, positive change, they will jump at any future opportunities for further improvement. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement and you should not shy away from it. Workers who feel that they have a say in their workplace environment will be more efficient, ultimately benefitting your company as well. 

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Save time & money with online engagement surveys

It’s not just your employees who will benefit from online engagement surveys, you’ll also save valuable time in organizing them.

Create employment engagement surveys easily online and send invitations to participate in your survey via email. Save time and money by avoiding costly printing and postage expenses. Receive secure survey, anonymous and legitimate survey results at the click of a button and implement potential changes quicker.

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