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Internet Election

The term "Internet elections" (also: internet voting, iVoting) refers of various forms of electronic elections where the ballot paper is filled out digitally, via the Internet. Among the many advantages of Internet elections are the opportunity to involve voters wherever they are in the world, as well as receiving quick and easy election results.

The process of Electronic Voting (E-Voting) can be subdivided into two categories: 
The simplest form involves computers which are connected via the internet or intranet. Under this form, voting still takes place at the physical polling place. An enhancement of this form are the so-called polling booths, where voting machines are put up outside traditional polling places, for example in supermarkets or gas stations.

The second category for internet elections is online voting. An online election uses digital devices, such as a computers, tablets and smartphones, to connect voters to the voting software over the Internet.

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