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Voting Keypad

A voting keypad enables group participation in elections or polls using wireless technology. Voting keypads are often handheld, wireless devices with multiple push-buttons which communicate people’s choices through radio technology.

A common application of voting keypads involves polls which are projected from a central laptop onto a screen in a large lecture theatre or hall. Projected onto the screen will be a question or motion with a number of possible responses, each corresponding to a button on the keypads held by members of the audience. In order to participate in the poll or give their answer to the question, audience members simply need to push the button on their individual devices and the results are recorded on the central laptop and projected instantly onto the screen for all to see.

Voting keypads a typically used during university lectures in order to facilitate audience interaction and discussion. Online voting combined with a BYOD (bring your own device) can yield the same results. 

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