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Regulated Health Professions Act

The Regulated Health Professions Act establishes the regulatory framework for health professions in Canada. The framework set out under the Act aims to foster a more transparent and accountable self-governance, allowing consumers more freedom to choose a wider variety of services, establish means through which the quality of care can be improved, as well as better protect the public.

The means by which the Regulated Health Professions Act seeks to achieve these aims include:

  • Establishing clear "scopes of practice” which outline what the profession does.
  • “Controlled acts” which identify potential risks to the public if unqualified practitioners - such as medical practitioners - are used.
  • Creating Health regulatory colleges - bodies which are responsible for regulation of each profession, including the registration members, management of complaints and disciplinary actions.
  • Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council - an independent body which advises the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care on matters relating to regulating the health professions.
  • Health Professions Appeal and Review Board - an independent body empowered to review decisions made by regulatory colleges in relation to registrations and complaints.
See also: Regulatory Colleges, Act of Parliament, Regulation

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