POLYAS Election Glossary

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Voting Proxy Form

Filling out a voting proxy form is necessary in order to be able to have someone vote on your behalf in an election or referendum. Proxy voting, the act of having some else vote on your behalf, is often allowed in specific circumstances. For example, voters may be outside the country on election day, or have a medical condition which will prevent them from attending the polling place.

Using a voting proxy form, they can enable another person to vote on their behalf. 

If a voter would like to apply to have a proxy vote for them in the election, a voting proxy form must be filled out. Such a form generally requires the applicant to provide the following information:

  • The applicant’s personal details
  • The personal details of the proxy
  • The reason for requiring a proxy
  • A signed declaration giving the proxy authority to vote on the applicant’s behalf
See also: Proxy Vote, Polling Place, Election Day

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