POLYAS Election Glossary

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iVoting, short for internet voting, refers to systems which allow people to vote in an election or referendum from any device connected to the internet through an app or online portal. iVoting differs from other forms of electronic voting, such as through voting machines, in that it is software-based and doesn’t require the involvement of cumbersome and costly machinery for it to operate, nor does it require election volunteers or the electorate to go to a physical polling place to vote.

Vote online with POLYAS - the German market leader in iVoting.

Internet voting with POLYAS allows your electorate to cast their vote from anywhere in the world - all they need is a browser-enabled device connected to the internet. This allows people to participate in the election even if they are unable to make it to a polling station, leading to increased voter turnout. Furthermore, iVoting with POLYAS offers you the highest security standards, ensuring that the secrecy of the ballot is protected and the election cannot be interfered with.

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