POLYAS Election Glossary

We provide explanations and background information on elections, voting rights and digital democracy

Online Voting

Online voting (or web poll) refers to online elections or online voting on resolutions/motions. With an online ballot you can vote for people (candidates) or on questions and open decisions. Decision-making is important for all institutions that are governed on a democratic basis or which take the will of the majority as binding in reaching collective decisions. 

Experience online voting with POLYAS.

Casting votes in an online ballot can be done with any device connected to the internet which enables voters to participate wherever they are in the world. At POLYAS we ensure the secrecy of the ballot is maintained as no personal data can be linked back to individual online ballot papers. 

Online voting with POLYAS yields legally-valid results and allows for binding decisions to be made quickly and easily.

Learn more about the features of online voting. 

See also: Poll, iVoting, Internet Election

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